Anti scar effect

is effective funds for Correction and Prevention of scars after operations, wounds, burns, acne. Study confirmed that FERMENCOL has a anti scar effect.

Powerful anti scar effect is observed due to the high capacity of FERMENCOL destroy abnormal scar tissue, the main component of which is the excess collagen. By the ability to break down the excess collagen (collagenolytic activity) FERMENCOL is superior to all known drugs collagenase several times (see table), the ability to break down hyaluronic acid (amylolytic activity) FERMENCOL hyaluronidase exceeds 7 times.

Application FERMENCOL for the correction of hypertrophic and keloid pathogenesis justified. Application FERMENCOL helps reduce scars, making them less visible, flexible, relieve the itching and pain. The most pronounced effect was observed when using FERMENCOL in parallel with the procedures of electrophoresis and phonophoresis.