Herbal extract

It is prophylactic and deodorizing drug produced from medicinal herbs and plants (including rare herbs with short supply) according to old recipes of Bulgarian folk medicine which were found in the archives of the National Library in 1911.

- anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, analgesic and regenerating action
- anti-exudative activity with healing effect
- blood-stopping, adhesive and antibacterial action at blennosis of oral cavity and throat of different etiology

Indications for use:
- inflammatory diseases of mucosa and soft oral tissues such as periodontitis of different severity level, gingivitis, gingivostomatitis, chronic aphthous stomatitis, gingival hemorrhage, toothache
- inflammatory diseases of throat such as tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, cases of cross infection of oral cavity and throat
- general prophylaxis after tooth brushing
- prevention of onset dental plaque and caries
- odor control
- oral cavity hygiene in those cases when the use of toothpaste and tooth brush is not recommended for a variety of reasons: heavy gingivitis with bleeding after operative measure or oral cavity trauma, allergic reactions etc.